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Woodpecker DBA Dental Endodontic Fi-G Obturation System Gutta Percha Gun with Tips

Woodpecker DBA Dental Endodontic Fi-G Obturation System Gutta Percha Gun with Tips

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Gutta-Percha Fi-G Woodpecker 3D Obturation System
New device for heating, cutting and condensing Gutta-Percha in the root canal during endodontic treatments.
It has an ergonomic, cordless design that distributes weight for optimum ease of use and reduced hand and wrist fatigue.
This system consists of theFi-P wireless handpiece for vertical condensation and a Fi-G nozzle, also wireless, for duct filling.


Withhigh precision temperature control and a heating speed of 15 seconds ensures efficient and safe work.
With 4 working temperatures(150oC, 180oC, 200oC, 230oC) that adapt to the different Gutta-Perchas on the market.
0.5mminjection needles for precise obturation and perfect filling. In addition, the tip can rotate 360o to facilitate obturation at any angle.

High-capacity battery with up to 4 hours of autonomy (1,500 operations on a full charge).
Dual direction displayfacilitates both right and left-handed operation.

Technical characteristics:

Handpiece weight: 170g.
Base weight: 207g.
Battery capacity 2.000 mAh
Recharging time: 2,5 hours
Autonomy duration: 1,500 operations
Preset temperatures: 150oC, 180oC, 200oC, 230oC
Warm-up time: 15 seconds.

Supply Includes:

Fi-G with charging base and transformer
Injection tip/needle with insulation sleeves.
1x 23G 24mm (Ref: 28-20G24)
1x 23G 28mm (Ref: 28-23G28)
2x 25G 24mm (Ref: 28-25G24)

Attacker/Plugger straight handpiece with insulation sleeves.

Actuating hammer.
Injection needle cleaning brush.
Key for injection needles.

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