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Boer Ma

Weehoo Blast Bike Trailer

Weehoo Blast Bike Trailer

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Experience engaging adventures with the Weehoo iGo BLAST Bicycle Trailer. The balanced, streamlined design of the iGo bike trailer gives you the ability to share your style of riding with your children. And riding is easy with the patented, self-aligning hitch, and single wheel design. This fresh approach to family mobility allows children to explore, eat, sleep, or just sit back and enjoy the ride. A note on usability: The child passenger must be able to communicate and cooperate with the towing rider. Children must be able to support and maintain their body in the upright position, have full muscle tone. As a good benchmark for suitability, we recommend that the child passenger should have the ability to board and un-board the trailer fastening their own harness, or the ability to learn to do so. Weehoo does not offer returns or refunds when the trailer is not suitable for a particular childs needs.

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