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Powerbuilt PBT240109 3 Ton Cat Low Profile Service Jack

Powerbuilt PBT240109 3 Ton Cat Low Profile Service Jack

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This 3 Ton Low Profile Service Jack is heavy-duty and versatile it can be used to raise everything from slammed sports cars to full-size pickups. This jack is built to withstand the demands of busy shop environments and offers a wide lift range of 3 inches to 19-1/2 inches. It covers that incredible range fast, thanks to the dual piston quick lift pump that raises the lift arm to max height in just seven pumps of the handle. And you can use its built-in foot pump to raise the saddle in smaller increments to position it precisely under your car or truck. A handle pad protects your paint job from accidental dings. The built-in small parts tray keeps those pesky loose lug nuts from rolling away. The generous padded saddle, wide wheelbase, and heavy-duty flanged steel frame combine to create easy-rolling stability and security under heavy loads.

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