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Fern 'Austral Gem'

Fern 'Austral Gem'

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Strong and Feathery! Thats right the Austral Gem can do both! Strong & Handsome with its deep glossy green foliage. This fern is both durable and beautiful.

Grow Pot Size: 4
Overall Height Including Grow Pot: 10-12
Plant Care Level: Medium

Key Benefits

This air purifying superstar is not only great for your health and cleaning the air. But its thick glossy fronds provide a visual escape, making you feel transported into the temperate forests of Norfolk Island.

Fern Austral Gem Care Tips

  • Binomial Name: Asparagus dimorphum x difforme
  • Care Level:Medium
  • Light: Indirect medium or part shade
  • Water: Allow top 2 of soil to dry
  • Mist in the mornings to increase humidity and keep the leaves fresh!
  • Pet Friendly: Yes
  • The Fern Austral Gem Story

    Where is it from
    This fern is from Norfolk Island . Australia.

    Who is the Fern Austral Gem
    The Austral Gem has been created to be drought-tolerant no mess fern. The waxy thick leaves are what make this fern adaptable to small droughts and periods without water.

    Good For You!
    Clean: This Hybrid is sterile and wont cause a mess with spores.

    Breath Deep: Ferns belonging to the Asplenium family are natural air purifying plants, and have been documented at removing pollutants and toxins from the air such as: formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

    Is the Fern Austral Gem the right plant for me

    The Austral Gem is great for those looking for a breath of tranquillity. This hybrid is created for those who like the look of ferns but have found them difficult in the past.

    Pet Friendly: Yes, we love a good pet-friendly fern!

    Location Suggestions: Ferns belong to the Asplenium genus and enjoy evenly damp soil and high humidity, This makes them excellent bathroom and Kitchen plants.

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