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ASOG Plaque remover for teeth, Teeth Cleaning kit Plaque Remove, Tartar Remover for Teeth

ASOG Plaque remover for teeth, Teeth Cleaning kit Plaque Remove, Tartar Remover for Teeth

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ASOG Smart Sonic Plaque Remover For TeethCOMMON FAQ! Question 1: The machine doesnt vibrate after power on, Is it defective Answer : The machine is good. ASOG tooth cleaner adopt real sonic technology instead of motor vibration. The handle doesnt vibrate and no sound after powered onIt is activated only the head touches the hard object such like teeth(try it on egg or ceramic bowls for testing), and stop working while touching on soft gum, which will protect your gum 100% safeQuestion 2: The device shuts down during use, is it brokenAnswer : Overheating self protect would starting every 10 minutes, the device shut down automatically, in order to protect the safety and service life of the device. Turn it on to restart working continuously if neededQuestion 3: Will it hurt my gum, pain or notAnswer: Our plaque remover has the intelligent recognition future, it will stop working while touching the soft surface/ gum. 100% safe and no painThe plaque remover for teeth cleans tartar through frequency vibration and stimulates the gums. Bleeding gums are normal and harmless to gumsQuestion 4: Why does the indicator light not light up after switch onA: Please charge the machine firstly after received it. It will take 3-5 hours. Press and hold the key 3-4 seconds to power on; switch off in the same wayQuestion 5: The strength is not enough strong even use high mode.Answer: The tartar remover for teeth is high-intensity vibration frequency of 2 million times per minute, which can meet different needs for different sensitivity of teeth. Please check the following and and verify: Please check if the cleaner head loose or not, tighten it firmly with small wrench Please check if the battery ran out and charge the machine till the battery is full

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